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Bickham Coal Company has common ownership with Maitland Diesel Service Pty Ltd (MDS) who have an extensive training program for tradespeople. Individuals, including Upper Hunter residents, employed with little to no mining experience, will be offered training positions.

MDS LogoAssuming a mine is approved at Bickham, training of plant operators will be carried out on site once the mine's infrastructure work commences. The successful training program utilised on the bulk sample has allowed some to go onto other mining work.

Locals trained on the 2004 bulk sample excavation are now working at Rix's Creek Mine, North West of Singleton NSW, and will be offered jobs back at the South Bickham mine if approved.

Peter Geof and Simon

Image: Peter Millgate, Geoffrey Lamey, Simon Ford who worked on the bulk sample and are currently working at Rix's Creek Mine, North West of Singleton, NSW.

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