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The Bickham Coal Company team has varied backgrounds, ranging from Agriculture to Mechanical Engineering. Each individual played an important role during the bulk sample in 2004.

David Foster - Managing Director
David, a mechanical engineer, has been involved with the local mining industry for many years. David previously worked for Hunter Valley Earthmoving, a contract mining firm, as the Managing Director for 22 years. It was here that the Foster family and Bloomfield Collieries developed a strong partnership, and in turn with Bickham Coal Company. The two companies are independent of one another, but share skills, resources and expertise. Currently, David continues his involvement with Maitland Diesel Services as Managing Director.

John Richards - Director
John has a long history in agriculture, obtaining his degree in the field in 1977. John's involvement with Bickham began in 2002 following his move to Maitland. In his role at Bickham Coal John now utilizes people management skills, acquired during his farming days.

Mark Lorenz - Project Manager
Mark was 'on the ground' for 15 months during the bulk sample in 2004, where he oversaw operations as Project Manager. Mark has a degree in mining engineering coupled with extensive mining experience working in Australia and overseas for both Indonesian and Australian coal mines.

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