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Bickham Coal Company History

Bickham Coal Company (BCC) purchased 'South Bickham' and 'Glencoe' early in 2002 from the Bromley family, who had bought the land in 1982. From 1850 until the Bromleys acquired the land, the property was owned by the Wright family. During this period the land was used for grazing.

Exploration drilling has been carried out on this site since 1999 and a potential coal mine resource was identified by this process. The Bulk Sample Excavation was approved in January 2004 and the last of the coal sample was transported in December 2004.

For more information on the Bulk Sample click here. The diagram below demonstrates the area of land purchased by BCC (purple outline) and the area covered by Exploration Licences 5306 and 5888.

Bickham Coal Aerial Photograph

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