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Commitment to Local Contractors

Bickham Coal Company's policy for hiring locals extends to contractors. During the 2004 bulk sample contractors, such as plumbers, electricians, cleaners and fencers were also local, those who benefited include:

Don DuffyDon Duffy
Don Duffy's General Store provided Bickham Coal Company with fuel, tyres and tyre repairs during the 2004 Bulk Sample. Don has owned and operated the Blandford General Store for 20 years and said that as a result of his contribution to the Bulk Sample he welcomed the extra work and profit.



Murrurundi Sand & GravelLaurie Ninness
Murrurundi Sand and Gravel, located on Mayne Street in Murrurundi, provided earth moving machinery, gravel, contracting and general machinery for the 2004 Bickham Coal bulk sample.

Laurie Ninness, owner of Murrurundi Sand and Gravel, said that he supports the coal mine because it creates employment in the area. "The bulk sample generated business and exposure for Murrurundi Sand and Gravel," Mr Ninness said. "It's good for the town to keep business in the area". (Correction to picture: Mobile number is now 0428269550).

CTCRobyn Orman
Bickham Coal utilised the professional suite at The Community Technology Centre (CTC) at Murrurundi on Mayne Street to conduct interviews for employment positions. The CTC also provided other facilities to Bickham during the 2004 bulk sample such as the use of photocopiers and fax machines, as well as advertising and the production and distribution of flyers.

Robyn Orman who has been the CTC Officer for almost two years said that the centre provided an air-conditioned environment for Bickham Coal employees to use.

"CTC benefited greatly by offering services to Bickham Coal as it generated advertising for the centre," Ms Orman said. "It also had people using the centre, keeping us in business".

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